About ymery.com

ymery.com is THE world's alternative B2B etrade portal & marketplace. ymery.com started in 2008 with a brand new marketplace engine. Not equipped with all kinds of complicated possibilities and applications, but simple, fast, applicable for everyone and most of all accessible.
Why a new marketplace and a new marketplace engine. There are indeed many marketplaces, but none of these are there for the benefit of the suppliers or buyers, but always for themselves. We don’t believe in that kind of policy. Hence, ymery.com. We created the new engine so that we wouldn’t be troubled by dogmatic thoughts on how to act. It should be easy, for everyone to use immediately and especially with a free of charge basis service. See also the recommendations in several directory and forumsites like abc-b2b.com.



ymery.com is an idea of The Turms Foundation, whose goal it is to bring, in a very open way, the world trade to a higher level. The Turms Foundation believes that if we offer accessibility to marketplaces for everyone in this world, production will grow and sales will increase. It is because of this easy accessibility that it is now also possible for suppliers and buyers, who never were in the opportunity to take part in the world trade to compete. This is also a reason why we offer the basis service free of charge to all parties. We have also found a party who can deliver additional services like logistics, storage and handling and fulfilment. You can take care of everything while using just one hand.


The Turms Foundation

We help each other to give an impulse to the trade in the world, to help every one of us a step further and to lay the basis for everyone to in the end achieve greater success.
The profits of ymery.com are therefore for 25%  being spent on microfinance investments. Kiva is one of the organizations that arrange this, to see several examples of these investments go to the special ymery.com Kiva page.


As the first 25% is spent on helping to give more parties the possibility to produce, trade and buy, the following 25% will be spent on laying a better basis for our future. Therefore we support Unicef to provide a better education for our children. Next, we think of our environment, like The Climate Crisis Coalition for a better world now and in the future. All that remains will be spent on further developing our platform.
We do not pay dividend to The Turms Foundation. We are there for free worldwide trade; For you, our customer.


Revenues and costs

To take part of the worldwide network of ymery.com is completely free of charge. To use extra services a small fee is asked. This fee will be completely to the benefit of you, our customer.  Apart from ymery.com, Agorahouse (our manager) offers additional services. These can vary from logistics, custom service, storage, etc.. To these fees can be connected.

As the costs of exploiting can rise, advertisements will be placed on this site separately. The costs of these will cover everything.


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