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Buy Offer: Iron Ore 64.5%, rejection 63.5%


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Company : TWEC    Link:  
Product Name: Iron Ore 64.5%, rejection 63.5%     Price: N/A
Product Quantity:     Minimum Order:

Dear Colleague, I am Stephen now we are looking for Iron Ore 64.5% rejection 63.5%

Origin: Mexican, Brazilian, Indonesia…etc.

Quantity: Very huge no doubt at all.

Please let us know any limited per order quantity?

We are concern your Procedure must be comfort for buyer,
Prices competitive and the most important thing,
Seller must be real and serious.
You have to sure and you really can handle it?
We are not allow work with long- brokers chain?
Otherwise, we knew most are waste both time at all.
My buyer very serious and 100% real.
So if the terms meet we needed,
I am quite sure we will move with you immediately.
Thank you and have a nice day!

Trade Type: Raw Material   Transport Costs: N/A
Location: Mexican, Brazilian, Indonesia…etc.   Delivery Time: 1 [days]

Categories: Metalworking, Supplies