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Company¬†: The Constant Group, Inc.    Link:  
Product Name: Sell your machinery or equipment    Price: N/A
Product Quantity:     Minimum Order:

We are active members of an international network of machinery and equipment brokers committed to making it much easier for you to connect with suitable buyers and complete the sale of your machinery or equipment.

If you need to sell your machinery or equipment, simply contact us telling us about the item(s). We'll review your submission. On your behalf, we'll engage an appropriate broker in our network who will contact you to make arrangements to list and broker the sale of your item(s).

Sell your business:

If you need to sell your entire business, we can help with that as well. Contact us by a message or phone to discuss your situation and goals.


Trade Type: Used Assets   Transport Costs: N/A
Location: USA   Delivery Time: 1 [days]

Categories: Tools, Tools, Tools, Tools