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Used Trucks 
Posted by BAS Trucks  [Gold] on 04/01/2009
Selling to BAS trucks

BAS Trucks’ buyers are constantly looking for used transport material and building machines. BAS trucks is always looking for:

* Trucks of all brands, all types and in any price range
* Trailers of all brands, all types and in any price range
* Vans of all brands, all types and in any price range
* Building machines of all brands, all types and in any price range

BAS Trucks is an excellent partner in case you want to sell your transport material. Selling to BAS Trucks offers the following advantages:

* We always pay the correct market price
* We buy the vehicle just as it is and do not ask for a guarantee
* We are interested in all brands and all types.
* We also trade in vehicles
* We are interested in any vehicle, per piece or per lot
* We can offer fleet owners a fixed outlet

Do you have something on offer? Then click on the icon “I can offer you” on the left side of the screen. Fill in the form as completely as possible and one of our buyers will contact you as soon as possible to talk over the exact details. If we reach an agreement, an appointment will be made for the delivery.

Buying department :

E-mail: Buy@BAStrucks.com

Telephone: +31(0)413-371 155
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Used tyres 
Posted by Euroband B.V.  [Silver] on 08/03/2009
As of April 1st 2004 due to the new Dutch Decision on Car Tire Administration new rules apply for the picking-up, sorting out and processing of old car tires.
The new rules also apply to the tires of privately owned car and light vans or trailers/ caravans with a maximum weight of 3500 kg.

Manufacturers and importers are, starting from the 1st of April 2004, responsible for an environmentally friendly intake and processing of used car tires from privately owned cars.

Euroband B.V. is a BEM-certified tire collecting company that collects the tires from tire service companies, garages, car accessories companies etc and from the municipality.

To collaborate with us means to you:

* That the tires, to which the new regulations apply will be picked up at your place free of charge;
* A fast and more importantly a correct collecting service;
* A fixed driver with a fixed route;
* We can also place a fire safe tire container that you can use free of charge.
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Posted by MANN+HUMMEL Group GMBH  [Silver] on 30/05/2009
MANN+HUMMEL established the new international purchasing organisation in 2005: the first offices were situated in India (Bangalore), China (Shanghai), Korea (Seoul) and the Czech Republic (Okrisky).

The functions of the international purchasing offices include supporting the global MANN+HUMMEL Group in seeking potential suppliers in Eastern Europe and Asia, as well as caring for and developing these suppliers. The staff speak the local language and know the specific conditions of the market in question.

Our minimum requirements for these suppliers are as follows:

ISO TS16949 or ISO 9001 (or QS 9000, VDA 6.1)
export experience with Europe and/or the USA
experience with OEM’s in Europe or the USA
modern facilities and continuous improvements
production experience with similar products

Potential suppliers are invited to go to our site and register your request.

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