Buy Offers: Computers & Networking
Used IT assets 
Posted by Millennium Information Technologies  [Silver] on 06/11/2008
Millenium can purchase equipment outright, sell on consignment, or even exchange old equipment for new technology.
There are several ways through which Millenium can help your company reclaim assets:

Cash Offer
Equipment Exchange

Whatever you choose, your company receives a large return on obsolete or non-functioning equipment.

Categories: Desktop & Laptop Accessories, Networking, Other Computers, Other Networking, Servers
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DEC VAX PDP Alpha equipment 
Posted by QIT Solutions B.V.  [Gold] on 08/11/2008
We buy all sorts of used Digital/HP PDP, VAX & Alpha equipment and parts.
Categories: Other Computers, Servers
Keywords: DEC HP Alpha VAX PDP
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IBM SurePOS 500 Series systems. 
Posted by QIT Solutions B.V.  [Gold] on 14/03/2009
We are buying IBM SurePOS 500 Series systems.
The equipment must be complete and no errors.
For export use.
Categories: Tools, Other Business, Other Computers
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Computer equipment  
Posted by Sunstar Company INC.  [Silver] on 21/03/2009
We are buying a large range of computer equipment and parts on hand.

All units that are shipped from our inventory are tested in our lab by our certified technicians.

Sunstar Company buys, sells, resells, repairs and exchanges (advance available) to all our customers. Examples of products that we inventory are:

Direct Attached Storage RAID
Network Attached Storage
Storage Attached Network
iSCSI Storage

Tape Drives
Tape Libraries

Optical/DVD Drives
Optical/DVD Libraries

Hard Drives

Scanners, Network Equipment, Circuit Boards, Printers, Monitors, Memory etc.
Categories: Networking, Other Computers, Parts, Printers, Scanners consumable, Servers
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We Buying Used Office Equipment, especial of Copiers 
Posted by Bre-Mar Office Equipment Inc.  [Silver] on 10/05/2009
We are buying all your used and abandon office equipment.

We are specialing in the purchasing of Copiers.
Categories: Other Computers, Printers, Scanners consumable, Other Telecommunications
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Looking for used or new overstocks, stocklots UPS! 
Posted by IXUS Trade  [Silver] on 23/08/2009
We are searching for stocklots of UPS of A-brands (APC, Compaq, IBM, Dell, HP, Symmetra).

They can be 1,2,3 years old. We are also buying used UPS. Searching for quantity.

Let us know if you can supply.

We collect in the whole Europe
Categories: Other Computers, Tools, Electricity, UPS & Power Supply
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WTB: Stocklots, export surplus, excess inventory  
Posted on 03/10/2010
Interested in purchasing stocklots, closeouts, export surplus products, excess inventory, end of line stock of consumer goods, electrical and electronics goods, computer accessories, hand tools, promotional items.

If you are interested in selling your product, please send product description, photos, prices and payment terms by email or post a comment below .

Sellers who accept payment in Indian rupees or already have an importer in India preferred.
Categories: Others Apparel, Other Books, Other Computers, Other Beauty Items, Products
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