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Posted by FSI International Inc.  [Silver] on 12/07/2009
As a capital equipment supplier of cleaning technologies used in the fabrication of integrated circuits, FSI’s customers include some of the largest, most technologically advanced microelectronics manufacturers in the world.

FSI expects from suppliers what customers expect from FSI: high-quality, highly reliable products and services, provided when needed at a competitive cost, well supported pre- and post-purchase.

FSI values long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers. Suppliers help FSI bring product technologies to market and deliver better solutions to customers, and they’re integral members of the teams FSI employs to make smart business decisions and improve products, processes and services.
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Want To Buy: lightning surge meter 
Posted on 03/08/2010
Need to procure surge meter used with lightning arrester on 11 KV, 3 phase line
which can provide leakage current and counter for lightning arrester operation.

Kindly provide us quotations for the supply & installation of the same along
with test certificates at Patna.
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Want to buy : 220V to 110V / 50 W power converters 
Posted on 06/10/2010
220V to 110V / 50 W power converter

Looking for a manufacturer who can supply 220-240 V to 110V voltage converters.

Initially interested in converters with 50W ratings, but may require other converters with different power ratings.

Should be compact and suitable for Indian power supply conditions, with wide variations in voltage and frequency .

Please send specifications, prices, payment terms and other details by MyYmery message.
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Manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products wanted 
Posted on 30/05/2011
Manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products wanted

We are looking for manufacturers and suppliers of consumer products for free
promotion to online sellers, retailers, dealers and distributors.

Please send your

Price list
Customer list

To mail@common.in and leave a comment here, to ensure that we have received it.
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