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Welcome to the purchasing department. 
Posted by MAN Turbo AG  [Silver] on 19/07/2009
Welcome to Berlin, Hamburg, Oberhausen, Schio (I), Zurich (CH) and Changzhou (CN),
our purchasing departments.

Principles of Partnership
The history of our company, going back 200 years, is characterized by partnerships with suppliers all over the world. Such partnerships still guarantee the success of our business today. In our eyes, collaboration is synonymous with trust, as demonstrated by working relationships extending over many years.

We expect our suppliers to deliver:
a consistently high level of quality
efficient logistics
an internationally competitive price
the willingness and ability to innovate, technical creativity
entrepeneurial flexibility
You, the supplier, benefits from:

competitive advantages deriving from technical cooperation working in a partnership, for mutual benefit a growing volume of orders against the background of long-term and reliable business relationships references for your international marketing radius.

Our company offers a unique product range, extending from compressors via gas and steam turbines to control systems. More...

Interested in long-term cooperation with us? Please contact us with the link below.

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We buy electronic-parts or electronic devices overstock  
Posted by N-tronics GmbH   [Silver] on 11/09/2009

If you have any overstock (electronic-parts or electronic devices), please let us know. And ask us for information.

Product range:

Audio, computer, celphone, military, medical, automotive, video and TV parts Semiconductors (IC´S, Japan-IC´S, Transitors, Japan-Transitors, RF-transistors, MOS-FET, Thyristors) Remote controls (Remote Controls for: Panasonic, Thomson, Grundig, Thosiba, Hitachi , Philips, Sony, and more). Laser pickups (Sony, Hitachi , Philips, JVC, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, and more) Flyback Tranformers (FBT). (for: Blaupunkt, ITT, Hitachi, Saba, Nordmende, Thomson, Philips, Pioneer and more) Triplers (ERO-Roederstein, HR diemen, Eldor) Tuners (Replacement and original Tuners for Philips, Samsung, Temec, Sharp, Grundig, and more).
Categories: Parts, PC Components, Parts
Keywords: Audio, computer, celphone, military, medical, automotive, video and TV parts Semiconductors (IC´S, Japan-IC´S, Transitors, Japan-Transitors, RF-transistors, MOS-FET, Thyristors) Remote controls (Remote Controls Panasonic, Thomson, Grundig, Thosi
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Printer Parts - Wires for alphanumeric printing 
Posted on 22/01/2010
Company is involved in the printer repair business since 1997.

One of our customers is a racetrack wich has got 400 wagering terminals. On each of them, wagering tickets are printed with a 20 year old impact printer called “TIM 300″ and manufactured by “AMTOTE INTERNATIONAL”.

Each “TIM 300″ printer was provided with:
28 wires for alphanumeric printing (we can send a picture if this helps) and
2 hammers for barcode printing (we can send a picture if this helps).

We are looking for:

1) 500 Wires for alphanumeric printing.
New or refurbished.
Manufacturer: Magnetec.
Part number: CPT-2824-02 E4.
(we can send a picture if this helps)

In case you were able to supply this please, let us know. If you do not handle those items but you know of another company which does, we would very appreciate that you referred us to them.
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Want to buy : 220V to 110V / 50 W power converters 
Posted on 06/10/2010
220V to 110V / 50 W power converter

Looking for a manufacturer who can supply 220-240 V to 110V voltage converters.

Initially interested in converters with 50W ratings, but may require other converters with different power ratings.

Should be compact and suitable for Indian power supply conditions, with wide variations in voltage and frequency .

Please send specifications, prices, payment terms and other details by MyYmery message.
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AA & AAA batteries 
Posted on 06/02/2011
Want to buy stocklots, closeouts and surplus lots of AA & AAA batteries

Please specify

Minimum order quantity
Payment terms

Send details to buy@epog.org
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Wanted: Suppliers of solar and renewable energy chargers 
Posted on 04/07/2012
Looking for suppliers of solar and renewable energy products.
We have an urgent requirement for :

1. Solar/mechanical mobile chargers

2. Laptop/notebook chargers

Please note that we will be reviewing these products on our websites.
Kindly send specifications and payment terms.
Categories: Laptops, Notebooks, Parts, Gadgets & Other Electronics, Parts, Mobile Phones, Accessories & Parts
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