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Looking for used or new overstocks, stocklots UPS! 
Posted by IXUS Trade  [Silver] on 23/08/2009
We are searching for stocklots of UPS of A-brands (APC, Compaq, IBM, Dell, HP, Symmetra).

They can be 1,2,3 years old. We are also buying used UPS. Searching for quantity.

Let us know if you can supply.

We collect in the whole Europe
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Want to buy : 220V to 110V / 50 W power converters 
Posted on 06/10/2010
220V to 110V / 50 W power converter

Looking for a manufacturer who can supply 220-240 V to 110V voltage converters.

Initially interested in converters with 50W ratings, but may require other converters with different power ratings.

Should be compact and suitable for Indian power supply conditions, with wide variations in voltage and frequency .

Please send specifications, prices, payment terms and other details by MyYmery message.
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WTB Earthing Rods and Lightening Arrestors 
Posted on 30/01/2011
Are one of the leading system integrators in Gulf Region and we are responding to one of our client request for Earthing Rods and Lightening Arrestors

Kindly quote me your best possible price along with delivery period for the
above subject.

This will be used to protect the Telecommunication landing station and the size of the landing station is 30 feet length x20 feet breadth and 15 feet

Kindly quote for all the accesories required as well.

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