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Runhe Chemical is a high-tech and international company which specialized in research,Website:http://www.runhechemical.com, manufacture, export and import of silicone and textile auxiliary. Now we have three subsidiary companies:
1.Zhejiang Runhe Silicone New Material Co., Ltd, which has been invested with the amount of 5.08 million USD, located in  Moganshan Economic Development Zone, Deqing, Zhejiang Province, she has an area of 60 Acres, specialized in the research and manufacture of silicone. 
2.Ningbo Runhe Hi-Tech Materials Co., Ltd located in Ninghai Xinxing Development Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, mainly engaged in the develop and manufacture all kinds of textile auxiliaries.
2.Zhejiang Runhe Chemical New Material Co., Ltd in Hangzhou, she is specialized in export & import business, provided full service of domestic & foreign trade. 
Runhe Chemical has the research center of 1700 square meters with thorough experimental facilities.
Ningbo Runhe Hi-Tech Materials Co., Ltd depends on the latest fine chemical technology, nanotechnology, high polymer materials technology and textile dyeing technology to research and develop product to increase add-value for customer, actively challenges the weakness and defect that existing in the current textile printing and dyeing finishing. She offers superior quality, professional service, optimal technical solutions to our customers
Zhejiang Runhe Organicsilicone New Material Co., Ltd with the business philosophy of "Preeminence Root in Quality" to research and manufacture high-quality silicone new material: Tetramethyl-clotetrasiloxane(D4H), Hydrogen Silicone Oil, Heptamethyltrisiloxane, Agricultural Silicone, silicone for coatings, Vinyl silicone resin, Phenyl vinyl silicone resin, anti-foamer,  vinly silicone oil,  Phenyl vinyl silicone oil, Long-chain Alkyl Silicone Oil, Long chain alkylbenzene silicone oil and series of products, these products meets the quality requirements to replace the like products abroad.