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It is possible that ymery.com, in the offering of services, will process information of you as ymery.com media-user (this information will below be indicated by ‘personal data’). We have drawn up the regulations below for ourselves to offer a guarantee that we will handle your information carefully. You can keep us to these regulations at all times.

Providing personal data is not compulsory

The initial concept of ymery.com is that providing of personal data to ymery.com or her partners is not compulsory. Whether or not to provide your personal data is your own choice at all times. Providing personal data is necessary to be able to use several ymery.com services. It is possible not to be able to use certain services when you have not provided personal data to ymery.com or her partners.

The handling of personal data

ymery.com can in the offering of services use personal data. It hereby concerns not only information like name, address, place of residence, date of birth, gender and e-mail but also information on your interests as a user of one of our websites. This information can be known at ymery.com for example because you have made your interests in certain subjects known. It is also possible for ymery.com to have deduced your interests from the manner in which you use the services of ymery.com (for example by looking at which webpages have been visited).

It speaks for itself that ymery.com handles your information in the most careful manner. ymery.com processes this information in the first place to offer services, products and/or information to you and to adjust these to your wants and needs. Where it concerns paid services, ymery.com will use the information for invoicing as well. It is also possible that ymery.com uses the information to make aimed offers. It is therefore possible for an advertisement to be shown of a product of which ymery.com suspects it has your interest or, when you have given permission thereto, for an email to be sent which contains an offer. Finally ymery.com can only after your permission has been obtained, provide your information with third-parties, who can use this information to offer information within your profile of interests.

When you use services of partners of ymery.nl, the rules on privacy of that partner apply. For this read the privacy statement, if available, of the website you are visiting.


ymery.com feels that her systems should always function correctly and have sufficient capacity available. For this purpose ymery.com makes back-ups of for example the mailsystems. ymery.com uses the back-ups only repair systems to their primary state when a technical failure has occurred. ymery.com analyses the use of her systems to decide what capacity is needed and to make sure the systems function correctly.


The unauthorized perpetration of websites is on the news regularly. When a someone succeeds in gaining unauthorized access information about the users can become publicly known. ymery.com naturally want to keep her websites from being illegally accessed. For that purpose ymery.com monitors from which computers the services of ymery.com are being used. It is continuously watched as well whether someone is trying to illegally gain access to the webymery.nl computers. The information recorded, is kept no longer than necessary for a good security.

Your rights

ymery.com want to be clear on the way she handles your personal data. This privacy statement whishes to make a contribution to that purpose. If, however, you have any questions on the way ymery.com handles personal data, you can at all times send a message to: privacy@ymery.com.
You may send a message to above names address as well when you want to know which information on you is recorded, when you want to correct information and when you want information to be removed. You can also make known that you no longer appreciate the receiving of offers either through e-mail or mail. When you want to use your right on inspection of personal data, ymery.com can, according to law, charge you a maximum compensation of € 4,50.


In conclusion a short explanation of the use of ‘cookies’. Cookies are small text-files that are being saved on the hard disk or the memory of your computer. Through cookies websites of ymery.com can recognize you on your next visit to one of the sites of ymery.com. Cookies for example are used to remember which product are in your shopping basket or to record the preferences that you have set for a certain service or webpage. Cookies can also be used to prevent that you see a specific advertisement too often or to record how often an advertisement is shown. When it is unnecessary to store personal data in the cookie, ymery.com does not do it. Cookies can do no damage to your computer or the files that are stored on your computer.

When you do not want to accept cookies you have the possibility to make that known in your browser. More information on this can be claimed with the manufacturer of your browser. Look at http://www.microsoft.com for more information of Microsoft Internet Explorer on cookies, at http://www.mozilla.org for more information of Mozilla Firefox on cookies or at http://browser.netscape.com for more information of Netscape on cookies. When you turn of your cookies it is possible that certain functions cannot operate or that you cannot use certain services.

Changes of the privacy statement

ymery.com keeps the right to make adaptations to this privacy statement. Every change shall be published on this page. ymery.com therefore advises you to check this page regularly for any changes.



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