How To Sell?

Sell through ymery is easy and quick. On the website you can generate offers in which you offer products. You can generate large numbers of offers using the Ymery Trader.


In addition, you can scroll through the requested products of other users to see if you find anything interesting.


On ymery.com

You can generate an offer on ymery.com through the “My Ymery” menu. This menu is to be found after you’ve logged in on the left of your screen. In this menu choose the option “My Offers”. In the middle of the screen three options will be displayed: “Sell Offers”, “Buy Offers” and “New Offer”. Select the “New Offer” option.

The screen on which to fill in all data will now appear. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory. Insert as many relevant keywords as possible into the keywords field, as to do so will make your offers easier to find with the search function. To submit the offer choose “Submit New Offer”.


Your offer will now be visible to all ymery users. Any interested parties will contact you!


Via de YMERY Trader

With the Ymery Trader you can upload multiple offers to the ymery website. This application  will be installed on your Personal Computer. The Ymery Trader can only be used by Gold members. More information can be found on the Ymery Trader page.


To search for an interesting offer

Do you want to see what sorts of things are requested on ymery? To scroll through all the requested products click at the top on “Selling”. The different categories will now appear. Click on a category to see the different requests in it.


ymery offers an extensive search system to find the desired offers or companies quickly. In the menu at the top choose the option “Search”. The screen with the search options will now appear. In the search field the search term must be submitted. “Compare With” is used to determine whether the search term should be matched exactly or whether only parts of the term have to match. “Search In” determines which fields will be searched. “Search For” determines what kind of offer you are looking for: Sell Offers, Buy Offers or Companies. In addition you can specify the categories and determine how old you want your offers to be.


Have you found an offer of which you would like to know more or to which you would like to respond? You can then contact the company behind the offer through the button “Send Message”.