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Company : Magic Composites, Inc. 86    Link:  
Product Name: FRP Tanks & Vessels    Price: $ 1.00
Product Quantity:     Minimum Order:

We offer a wide range of tank models and materials both vertical and horizontal. Our extensive experience in design and fabrication of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) tanks give us the ability to fabricate tanks up to 15m (50 ft) in diameter. Our engineering services and computer aided design capabilities combine to bring high quality solutions to our customers' corrosive and processing challenges 

Trade Type: New Stock   Transport Costs: N/A
Location:   Delivery Time: 1 [days]

Categories: Manufacturing
Keywords: FRP Profiles,FRP tee,Pultruded FRP Gratings,FRP GRP pipe,FRP Mannequin,frp plywood,frp pressure pipe