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Heat Seal Equipment  
Posted by Thermopatch B.V.  [Gold] on 07/03/2009
High quality, technologically advanced low cost manual press, ideal for most users. The swing head operation gives a perfect view of the transfer & garment allowing accurate & easy application, along with safety of operation.
Categories: Uniforms & Workwear, Knitting, Tools
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Manicare Products 
Posted by Hasson Enterprises  [Silver] on 01/02/2009
Barber Scissors
Thinning Scissors
Nail Scissors
Nail & Cuticle Scissors
Nail Nippers
Cuticle Nippers
Manicure Sets
House Hold Scissors
Categories: Hair Care, Tools, Others Home, Tools
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Surgical Medical Instruments 
Posted by Hasson Enterprises  [Silver] on 01/02/2009
Several Surgical medical instruments like:

Diagnostics, Anesthesia, Trocars, Suture, Scalples, Scissors, Dressing & Tissue Forceps, Haemostatic Forceps,
Towel & Tubing Clamps, Dressing & Sponge Forceps, Retractors, Probes, Plaster, Bone Surgery. Cardiovascular,
Ophthalmology, Otology, Rhinology, Oral Instruments, Tonsil, Tracheotomy, Dermatology, Intestines And Stomach, Urology, Gynecology,
Obstetrics, Sterilization.
Categories: Health Products, Medical Equipment, Parts, Tools
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