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Speaker parts: T-Yoke and Pole Piece 
Posted on 09/08/2017
Production capacity:

T-Yoke/Pole Piece :
Diameter of Piece : 28mm up to 150mm
Diameter of Pole : 10mm up to 70mm
Length of Pole : 6mm up to 80mm
Thickness of Piece : 2mm up to 30mm

U-Yoke/Neodymium Yoke :
Outside - Diameter of U-Yoke : 30mm up to 100mm
ln-side - Diameter of U-Yoke : 12mm up to 90mm
High of U-Yoke : 5mm up to 70mm
Thickness of Piece : 2mm up to 30mm
Depth of U-Yoke : According to customer design

Technical Description:
- Material: Low carbon steel
- Entire surface shot blasting
- CNC precision machining
- Galvanizing
- Barrel Zinc Plating
- Hanging Zinc Plating
- Cationic Electro-Deposition Coating (CED)

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Clutch Disc and Clutch assmebly 
Posted by Hong Kong You Peng International Trade Co.,Limited  [Silver] on 07/01/2014
Clutch and Clutch parts and Clutch systems and clutch assembly
We always focus on the development of auto parts and provide you the superb quality products with the competitive price. We look forward to your recommendation.
You can require any materials, we will meet all your requirements and provide good service for you.
Here are our advantages:
1. We have wide range of clutch plate items available for America, Europe, Japan, and Korea Vehicles, OD range from 160mm to 440mm.
2. More than 1,000 kinds of models, required by OEM No., Dakin No., Valeo No., Sachs No., Asco No., LUK No., etc is welcome. We can quote you in no time and guarantee the quality of our clutch disc.
3. We can develop according to customers' drawings or samples.
4. High quality material, such as 60 Si2Mn. Forged clutch hubs, Anti-rust paper and oil.
5. High standard heat treatment system.
6. Steady force transmission, Reliable transfer torque.
7. Prompt delivery.
8. Excellent radiative performance.
9. Long service life, low wear and tear, Noiseless.
10. OEM is welcome.
Please kindly tell us about your needs, our staffs will give you a satisfying reply immediately. Thank you so much and waiting for your news.
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benz brake pads W.V.A.29030 
Posted by China Yadong Vehicle Spareparts Group  [Silver] on 26/05/2012
Categories: Manufacturing, Parts, Supplies, Manufacturing, Parts
Keywords: brake pad, pad brakes, disc brake pads, disc pad brakes
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Brake Drum manufacturer,Truck brake drum OEM:43512-4100,Trailer brake drum factory 
Posted by Yadong Vehicle Spare Parts Group  [Silver] on 19/05/2012
Brake Drum manufacturer,Truck brake drum,Trailer brake drum
we can manufacture all kinds brake drum for american,eaurope,russia,and so on
Categories: Parts, Supplies, Trailers, Trains & Railroads, Trucks
Keywords: brake drum, benz brake drum, volvo brake drum, bpw brake drum, drum brakes, truck drum, bus drum, truck parts, brake system parts
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Bmw Gt1 
Posted by GT1 Tool Co.,Ltd  [Silver] on 15/07/2009

BMW Group Tester One (GT1) is specially offered to the BMW workshops & service center with the same specification that is currently supplied to BMW franchised dealers. It is the special-purpose diagnostic and programming tool of ALL BMW Series.
GT1 is supplied with IBM T30 laptop for DIS(Diagnostic and Information System) and SSS(Software Service Station)
GT1 can covers ALL the systems of ALL BMW series cars, It is used to communicate with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for diagnosis and programming. All the BMW cars with ECU system can be scanned by GT1 system, using DIS, and be programmed using SSS; With GT1 system, you don¡¯t need to split all the parts with fault in the BMW car. GT1 help you to read the fault code, and do diagnosis, programming.The BMW GT1 system allows you to reprogram all the BMW car ECUs to fix software or to install a blank ECU to a repaired vehicle.
GT1 is the only system that allows you to do this and is absolutely essential if working on Freelander , the GT1 is also the only system that provides all diagnostics and programming for the very latest BMW launched in 2007.
BMW GT1 software kit comprises of five system ,TIS system(Technical Information System).DIS data system(Diagnostic and Information System); diagnosis system .measuring system and management system. You can test and check data information at same time in GT1.


Read faulty codes
Clear faulty codes
Data stream
Activate state
Component test
Maintenance data information
Components location
Wiring diagram etc, TIS and DIS supply all of system diagram of all of BMW car maintainence method and coding information etc

Package List:
GT1 Yellow Multiplexer(DK2.1)
16 Pin OBD-II Cable
20 Pin Diagnostic Cable
LAN Cable
DIS Software HDD V43,V49, V50 V51, V52 V53,V55,V56 work with IBM T30 laptop.(version optional)
SSS software HDD V22, V28,V32 work with IBM T30 laptop.
IBM T30 laptop.(optional)

GT1 with DIS for diagnosis Supported Models:
Vehicle interface via OBD-II or 20 pin socket:
E87, E90, E91, E92, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, E83, E85, E86, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, R56, R50, R52, R53

GT1 with SSS for programming Supported Models:
Vehicle interface via OBD-II or 20 pin socket:
E83, E85, E86, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E39, E46, E52, E53, R56, R50, R52, R53

Language Available:
English,German, Turkish,French, Spanish,Italian,Portuguese,Greek,Japanese, Korean.
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Tie rod end 
Posted by B-SERVICE AUTO PARTS CO.,LTD  [Silver] on 16/04/2009
Tie rod end
Car name: ford/vw/toyota/nissan/honda/gm/bmw/benz/peugeot/renault/opel
Categories: Parts, Supplies, Manufacturing, Cars
Keywords: Chassis parts
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New & Used Tires 
Posted by Euroband B.V.  [Silver] on 09/11/2008
We sell new and used tires. For vans, cars and motor.
Categories: Maintenance, Supplies
Keywords: Banden, Tyres, Reifen, Pneus, Gomas
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