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Bitumen Bags 
Posted by Chengdu Qida Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd   [Silver] on 13/06/2010
We professionally manufacture and export fusible bitumen bags for 7 years.

These bags can withstand max 170 celsius degree.

Our specification as below,

(1)QD-PLB 25kg/40kg bag can withstand max 142 celsius degree and be completely melted between 160-170 celsius degree.

(2)QD-PLB-1 25kg/40kg bag can withstand max 150 celsius degree and be completely melted between 180-190 celsius degree.

(3)QD-PLB-2 25kg bag can withstand max 170 celsius degree and be completely melted between 220-230 celsius degree.

(4)QD-PLB-3 200kg/500kg/1000kg bag can withstand max 110 celsius degree and be completely melted between 140-150 celsius degree.
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Posted by Rudan Trading Co.  [Gold] on 20/04/2009
We can deliver steel for many different applications:

Bars: Reinforcing bars, Merchant bars (angles, flats, squares, rounds, tees, half rounds, hexagons,...)

Profiles: Beams, joists, channels, wide flange beams, rails, window sections, hollow sections

Flat Products: Sheets and plates in cold reduced execution, Hot rolled sheets and plates or coils, Galvanized and aluzinc-coated sheets or coils, Aluminized sheets or coils, Prepainted sheets or coils, Electrical sheets
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PVC Pipes 
Posted by Gulf Manufactures  [Silver] on 11/02/2009
GM is one of the leaders in the manufacturing line for plastic products in the whole region of Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

GM is capable of meeting local and exports market requirements by virtue of the long - standing experience of over 35 years in the Plastic Industry by continuously meeting the demanding requirements of our esteemed customers. GM systems are widely used in several applications like cold / hot water feeding system, sewage, irrigation and gas networks . .

GM products according to concerned international standard DIN, ASTM, BS, ISO, BG,.... etc . .

GM system are completely free from the problems of the traditional system ( steel piping ) like leakage, corrosion, rust, wear ...etc . .

GM uses latest technology in terms of equipment, quality control systems to ensure highest grade of quality.
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