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FRP Platforms Systems 
Posted on 29/07/2013
Magic offers portable platforms and other types of surfaces that can be customized to any application and to support a wide variety of weights and loads. Designed with ease of modular assembly on-site in mind, these fiberglass structural fabrications offer strength, adaptability and corrosion resistance. The lightweight characteristics of structural fiberglass saves on site assembly
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FRP Tanks  
Posted on 14/08/2011
We offer a wide range of tank models and materials both vertical and horizontal. Our extensive experience in design and fabrication of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) tanks give us the ability to fabricate tanks up to 15m (50 ft) in diameter. Our engineering services and computer aided design capabilities combine to bring high quality solutions to our customers' corrosive and processing challenges(
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Filament Winder 
Posted on 14/07/2011
Maigc Filament Winder is the most versatile filament winder on the market today. Modularly constructed to grow with your changing production needs, both chop-hoop and helical winding of various pipes and tanks can be performed by this computer-controlled machine.

We can customize to meet your production needs. The complete system can include options for applying surface veil; chopped liners; sprayed resin systems; hoop winding strands; helical winding strands; unidirectional tape; woven roving tape; pigmented resin or wax-resin surfaces; gelcoats; epoxy resins; vinyl ester resins... and more. No other winder offers as many capabilities.
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R - Series Piping 
Posted on 16/06/2011
Magic R - Series FRP piping is an unlined, filament-wound FRP pipe ideal for light chemical services in salts, solvents and pH 2-13 solutions that corrode traditional metal pipe. It has been used extensively with great success for petroleum production applications such as saltwater handling, CO2, crude oil and gas, food processing services, water and wastewater facilities, HVAC, and chemical processing services. The T.A.B.™ (Threaded and Bonded) joint offers quick installation for long piping runs.
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Duct Systems  
Posted on 03/05/2011
Magic Composites, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high quality (Flame and Smoke) fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products for industrial and commercial exhaust, ventilation and process related duct systems. Whether the application is in industrial exhaust or commercial HVAC, Magic Composties offers a variety of quality products and superior service. We supply both single wall and pre-insulated double wall duct to meet every ventilation need.
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Bitumen Bags 
Posted by Chengdu Qida Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd   [Silver] on 13/06/2010
We professionally manufacture and export fusible bitumen bags for 7 years.

These bags can withstand max 170 celsius degree.

Our specification as below,

(1)QD-PLB 25kg/40kg bag can withstand max 142 celsius degree and be completely melted between 160-170 celsius degree.

(2)QD-PLB-1 25kg/40kg bag can withstand max 150 celsius degree and be completely melted between 180-190 celsius degree.

(3)QD-PLB-2 25kg bag can withstand max 170 celsius degree and be completely melted between 220-230 celsius degree.

(4)QD-PLB-3 200kg/500kg/1000kg bag can withstand max 110 celsius degree and be completely melted between 140-150 celsius degree.
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All Steel Radial Truck Tyres 
Posted by Voyager International Co., Ltd.  [Silver] on 23/05/2010

1Applied for construction and mining area
2.For driving position of tractor, light truck and concrete mixing truck for short distance

Pattern Feature:
1.Blocks strengthen puncture resistance and tear resistance of the tread and transmit great power to drive and break
2.The angled groove effectively prevents pebble jammed in tread
3.Deep pattern ensures longer mileage.

Tyre Size Ply

7.50R16 14
10.00R20 16
11.00R20 16
12.00R20 18
12.00R24 20
11R22.5 14
11R24.5 14
12R22.5 16
315/80R22.5 20
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Keywords: truck tyres
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Washing machine motors 
Posted by TOPBAND Motor & Control Division   [Silver] on 19/04/2009
Washing machine motors.

We have a wide range of washing machine motors.

For all the major manufactures and also on customer specification.
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Car Air freshener 
Posted by CHANGLE 2WIN ESSENE PRODUCTS.CO.LTD  [Silver] on 23/03/2009
Car air freshener,closet air freshener,gel air freshener,sweet roller,
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Electrochemical grade barium salts 
Posted by BARIUM SALTS BUSINESS CO.  [Silver] on 21/02/2009
Chinese specialized company in customized manufacturing and exporting of electronical grade barium salts (inc. barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, barium oxide, barium chromate, barium titanate and barium hydroxide) and strontium salts. According to different applications, we can OEM manufacture the items with different physical and chemical characteristics.
We are recommending our electroceramics kind barium carbonate, barium chloride for producing piezoelectric ceramics like PTC/NTC, middle-high voltage semiconductor, high-dielectric capacitor, pressure-sensitive resistor, PZT ultrasonic transduction device, memory elements, ferroelectric ceramic, thermal-sensitive ceramic, Microwave Dielectric Materials, optical glass, barium based optoelectronics, photoelectric materials, MLCC, TV kinescope shell (CRT glass), magnetic material (Hard/Soft Ferrites) and passive components etc. MORE INFO CAN BE SEEN AT Http://bariumsalt.com
Expecting to hear from you.
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Keywords: Barium Sulphate, Barium Carbonate, Barium Chloride Dihydrate, Barium Nitrate, Barium Hydroxide, Barium Metaborate, barium oxide, Thiourea, Strontium Salt, ultra-high purity inorganic chemicals of Barium Salts, electrochemical, Industrial raw stuffing
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