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single superphosphate SSP for fertilizer BPL 18% P2O5 
Posted by Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd  [Silver] on 17/09/2012
SSP supplies sulphate, one of the other important nutrients in all soils
SSP supplies calcium
The ratio of P and S suits many crop and pasture needs
Both the P and S are in readily available forms
SSP can be blended with other products to make a range of products
SSP can be stored easily for long periods, without taking up moisture
SSP contains calcium and sulphur (mostly as gypsum) and helps keep soil in good shape by maintaining soil structure
Low cost source of P and S in a wide range of pasture and cropping situations. SSP is a traditional product for supplying P and S to pastures, the main two nutrients required for pasture production. Source of P in mixes with N and K for a range of crop and pasture needs. Generally mixed with Sulphate of Ammonia and Muriate of Potash, but can be blended with other fertilisers.
SSP can be stored for relatively long periods (0 - 6 months).
SSP does not take up moisture from the air.
SSP can be used in a wide range of spreading and sowing equipment.
Particles may deteriorate in time so long-term storage (> 6 months) is not recommended.
Do not mix with Urea, DAP or products with a low critical humidity as products will react and become gluggy.
The portion of finer particles may cause problems such as blockages and uneven flow in some airseeders designed for high analysis products.
Do not store in silos.
Available P2O5:12%-18%
Moisture:10%max(powder) 3%max (granule)
Free Acid:5%max
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Potassium Magnesium Sulphate PMS For foliar fertilizer K2O 24% 
Posted by Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd  [Silver] on 17/09/2012
Potassium magnesium sulphate fertilizer is a 100% water soluble, extracted from pure natural salt mine. It can provide potassium, magnesium, sulfur, boron and other essential nutrients to plants. Potassium magnesium fertilizer is related to agricultural crop nutrition experts as the fertilizer.

It is made only by physical extraction method or by directly removing impurities either from salt lake bittern or solid potassium - magnesium saltmine.

There is no any additive during the whole production technology. It is a new generation of potassium sulfate product and it is also an ideal and nature fertilizer for balanced fertilization.

Used to improve a plants overall health;
Used to increased root growth;
Promote growth and dark greening of plants;
Can be added to the surface or blended into the soil;
Improve drought tolerance and Increase stalks with long-branched roots


1. K2O: 24.99%
2. Mg: 6.8%
3. sulphate S: 17.58%
4. white potash fertilizer
5. natural salt lake
6. 100% water soluble magnesium sulphate
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Barite (natural barium sulfate BaSo4) S.G. 4.2 for Drilling or paint API-13a 
Posted by Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd  [Silver] on 17/09/2012
Barium sulfate is odorless, tasteless, colorless, orthorhombic crystals or a white amorphous powder. It is an eco-friendly materials, insoluble in water, acids, alkalis or organic solvents.

It can be used as Medical treatment when gastrointestinal X-ray perspective with the "barium meal"for the stomach when swallowed agent perspective (called barium meal)).Industry, can be used as paint, ink, plastic, rubber and raw materials or battery filler, paper, printing paper and the copper surface coating agents, sizing agents used in the textile industry. clarifying agent in glass production. It Can be used as an anti-radiation protective wall material. Also used in ceramics, enamel, oil, makeup, fragrance and pigment industries. It is also the raw material for the manufacture of other barium salts.

Total N: 21% min
Density: 10.2
Moisture: 1% max
Appearance Size: Powder/ Crystal/ Granule
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Rock Phosphate RPP for organic Fertilizer BPL 32% P2O5 
Posted by Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd  [Silver] on 17/09/2012
Rock phosphate powder is a natural, untreated soft phosphate with colloidal clay containing valuable minor minerals in addition to phosphorus. It is not acid forming, will not cake or harden and spreads easily through any type of lime, phosphate or fertilizer spreader. Phosphate Rock is not a complete fertilizer. It is an excellent source of phosphate that can be used profitably on certified organic farms. When applied to the soil Phosphate Rock adheres to and becomes a part of the soil. It will not leach and once applied, remains in the soil until used by the plants. Phosphate Rock contains no harmful acids and encourages growth of soil bacteria and earthworms.

Rock Phosphate(RPP) is used as a base fertilizer. It is a type of phosphorus fertilizer on acid podzolic, gray wooded, and bog soils and on leached chernozems and red soils. This organic fertilizer contains 28% to 32% P2O5.

3)mesh size:100-6000mesh

5)Magnesium Oxide (MgO) : 0.62 % max
6)Aluminum ( AL2O3 ) : 0.40 % max
7)Iron (Fe2O3) : 1.48 % max
8)Fluoride (F) : 3.10 % max

Packing:25-1000kg per bag
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Seabird Guano Phosphate Fertilizer For rubber tree P2O5 32% BPL 
Posted by Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd  [Silver] on 17/09/2012
Guano is an odorless, natural fossil fertilizer. It is from seabird droppings mixed with coastal plant and animal debris .In arid areas, little decomposition. Except for phosphorus,it is also abundunt in nitrogen (up to 15% higher) in arid areas because of less decomposition.It is a kind of quality nitrogen guano,Can be directly applied.
In rainy areas, it turns to be a phosphorus guano because of the loss of nitrogen. It also can be directly applied, and be mixed with compost or compost applied after fermentation. It containing mainly calcium oxide, and about 90% of phosphorus binded with calcium .

Production process :
Guano - fumigation Antivirus - Milling - granulation - Screening - packaging.

1. Color: Grey to Yellow-Brown
2. Form
Granule 2-4mm
Powder 100-6000mesh

3. Main Ingredient
Total phosphate P2O5: 20-32%
Available phosphate P2O5: 6-20%
Calcium Oxide Cao: 20-32%
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High protein Hydrolyzed feather meal FM for animal feed or fertilizer 85% 
Posted by Lotus (Guangzhou) industrial co, ltd  [Silver] on 17/09/2012
Hydrolyzed feather meal is a good source of protein for most animal diets. It can be used to replace significant portions of other protein sources in livestock and aquaculture diets. Feather meal is commonly used in feeding monogastric and ruminant animals. Higher amounts can normally be fed to ruminant animals. Significant savings can be realized by the substitution of feather meal for higher cost fish meal formulations.

Its crude protein up to 80%, much higher than fish meal. It is high in glycine ,serine and Isoleucine , 6.3% and 9.3% 5.3% respectively. It is a good choice to mixed with Isoleucine low content raw materials such as blood meal. But lysine and methionine is not so high as fishmeal,but its cystine is the highest of all feed though the destruction of hydrolysis.

Also because of 12-14% high nitrogen content ,it can also be used as a high nitrogen organic fertilizer.

Production process :animal fresh feathers - autoclave hydrolysis - heat drying crushed --- - Cooling - Packing

1) powder: 50~100 mesh; granule: 2-4 mm; color: grey-brown; crude protein: 70% min; ash 10% max; moisture: 8% max
2) powder: 50~100 mesh; granule: 2-4 mm; color: brown; crude protein: 80% min; ash 8% max; moisture: 8% max
3) powder: 50~100 mesh; granule: 2-4 mm; color: light-yellow; crude protein: 85% min; ash: 6% max; moisture: 8% max
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Bitumen Bags 
Posted by Chengdu Qida Science and Technology Development Co.,Ltd   [Silver] on 13/06/2010
We professionally manufacture and export fusible bitumen bags for 7 years.

These bags can withstand max 170 celsius degree.

Our specification as below,

(1)QD-PLB 25kg/40kg bag can withstand max 142 celsius degree and be completely melted between 160-170 celsius degree.

(2)QD-PLB-1 25kg/40kg bag can withstand max 150 celsius degree and be completely melted between 180-190 celsius degree.

(3)QD-PLB-2 25kg bag can withstand max 170 celsius degree and be completely melted between 220-230 celsius degree.

(4)QD-PLB-3 200kg/500kg/1000kg bag can withstand max 110 celsius degree and be completely melted between 140-150 celsius degree.
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Rosemary ,thyme ,oregano 
Posted on 21/01/2010
We are "HERBS EGYPT", grower, producer, manufacturer & exporter of Spices, Herbs, seeds & vegetables
We are pleased to offer: Rosemary ,thyme & oregano

Please find our offer for prompt delivery as under
Origin: Egypt
Specs: By Sample Approval
Packing: As required
Sample: free after offer approval
Payment: to be negotiated
Quantity: any
Season: around the year
If you need more details & Information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best Wishes to all
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Yunnan Chili 
Posted by Qingdao Bolan Foods Co.,Ltd.  [Silver] on 03/11/2009
Certification: ISO9001:2000; HACCP
Length: above 8cm,
No speckle, no mould, no afflatoxin, no salmonella, No sudan red 1,2,3&4

Package: 25LB/carton, 20kg/bag, 25kg/bag or customer required

Price: According to different quality and package
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Glass & Plastic Bottles 
Posted by Rudan Trading Co.  [Gold] on 18/04/2009
We can deliver glass bottles and jars in a wide range of sizes, shapes and neck finishes. Metal cans and pails for chemicals, inks, paints, oils and other products. Miscellaneous bottles, measuring dispensers, spice jars and many more are available in various shapes and colors:

Chemical / Industrial: Cans, Carafes, Cylinders, F-Style Containers, Industrial Jugs, Pails, Tubs.
Cosmetics: Bullet Bottles, Jars, Ovals, Perfume, Phoenix Bottles, Nail Polish.
Food and Beverage: Honey Jars, Juice Bottles, Pails, Ketchup Bottles, Tubs, Spice Jars, Water bottles.
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