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Sheet Metal Forming Line for Hidden Door Cap Refrigerator Door Shell 
Posted on 27/02/2016
Fridge Door Shell by PCM or Cold Roll Sheet with Flat Metal Shell that Hidden Door Cap Style same as LG or SAMSUMG Style etc.... The Machine inclurding Sheet Loading by Suction Pad with Two Stacks, Punching and Piercing Station, Longitiudincal Side bending by Tolls and Roller Former, Feeding to Positioning Place for Robot Picking up, End Sides Bending, Water Dispensor Forming, Electronic Control Window Forming, Releasing by Robot to Unloading Table;
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Keywords: Fridge Door Metal Forming, Sheet Metal Forming Line, Hidden Door Cap, Refrigerator Maunfacuring, Door Forming Line
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New Arrivl lower cost GSM Alarm system King Pigeon S160 SafeBox  
Posted on 21/06/2013
Android App/ios iKeypad Available Now!!!
Make Control Easier!


Home Alarm System,S160;
16 Wireless Zones;1Wired Zones;
GSM SMS Intruder Alarm;
Wireless GSM Home security alarm;
GSM Alarm

>>>Simple Menu of King Pigeon S160 Alarm Panel:
1) Intelligent GSM Home Alarm system
2) Watchdog Guardian Alarm
3) 16 Wireless + 1 Wired Alarm Zones
4) Home DIY security alarm
5) Easy Arm or Disarm
6)Call control function
7)Top quality GSM Alarm system!

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GSM Wireless Remote Switch SMS Remote Controller Automation,switched on or off b 
Posted on 21/06/2013
The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm S130 S140 S150 is a universal GSM Remote Control switch and GSM Alarm Unit.

The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm S130 S140 S150 provides 2/4/8 digital inputs(NC/NO/EOL);

The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm S130 S140 S150 provides 2 relay output(3A 240VAC), one is link-output relay, special for switch on or off appliance while the system alarm, another is independent output relay, it can be switched on or off by SMS commands.

The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm S130 S140 S150 is very easy for setup via USB Port to PC.

The GSM SMS Controller-Alarm S130 S140 S150 allows you to monitor and control an alarm or remote stations or equipments or machines by SMS.

The GSM SMS Controller suitable for below applications:
1. Security Alarm System applications;
2. Supervision and monitoring alarm systems;
3. Automatic monitoring system;
4. Vending Machines security protection;
5. Pumping Stations, Tanks, Oil or Water levels;
6. Buildings and Real Estate;
7. Weather Stations;
8. River Monitoring and Flood Control;
9. Oil and gas pipelines;
10. Corrosion protection
11. Temperatures, water leakage applications;
12. Wellheads, boat, vehicle;
13. Energy saving, street lights control system;
14. Valve controls;
15. Transformer stations;
16. Unmanned machine rooms;
17. Control room application;
18. Automation System, M2M;
19. GSM Access Control System, GSM Gate Opener, etc.
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Medical alarm Elderly Guarder A10 
Posted on 21/06/2013
A10 special for safeguard and medical and including spiritual care for the elderly living,kids monitoring,disabled helping and home safety.

1. 3 Familiarity Numbers Easy To Dial for two-way communication with family members
2. BIG RED PANIC BUTTON for emergency help calling
3. 4 times reminding elderly person for taking medicine on time.
4. 4 Wireless Watchdog zones to Monitoring Activities Of Daily Living
5.3 Wireless 24Hours Zones special for smoke detector,gas leakage detector and water leakage detectors.
6.Unique wireless water-proof and mistake-operation-proof Panic buttons
Powerful and useful function configurate by PC software via USB
Rechargeable Li-ion battery inside for power failure backup.

What Applications suitable for?

1.senior daily life
2.Medical Alert
3.Health Care
4.SOS Emergency Call
5.House Securitor
6.Child Monitor
7.Disabled Help

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Categories: Home Appliances
Keywords: security home alarm
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GSM SMS Alarm Ultimate Version S160 
Posted on 22/03/2013
Advanced Programmable GSM Alarm Panel In The Worldwide!
Arm or Disarm with a FREE call from your mobile phone!
Arm or Disarm with RFID Reader or Buttons!
Ultimate Version with Ultimate Low Cost!

Name: GSM SMS Alarm Ultimate Version
Model: S160

GSM SMS Alarm S160 is an Ultimate Version of GSM Alarm, includes multi-functions and ultimate cost and high reliability special for Residential areas, business area, commercial area, office, factory, industrial area and other Varity applications. It integrated high performance GSM Module and MCU inside, and with innovative and experienced functions and features to meet the required and potential demands in the worldwide markets.

The user can receive SMS Text and incoming from the S160 once the alarm occurrence. Also, the user can remotely armed or disarmed and switch on or off the siren by SMS Commands, or remotely armed or disarmed with free call from mobile phone, or remotely can call in the S160 to listen in on-site.

Moreover, the S160 supports Android Apps and iOS, though the Android and iOS Apps, the user can quickly to Arm, Disarm, Inquiry Status and Switch ON or OFF Siren, armed or disarmed with free call, no need to program the SMS commands every time.

Functions & Features of the GSM SMS Alarm S160:
1.GSM Frequency: 900/1800Mhz or 950/1900Mhz;
2.Supports Away Armed, Partial Armed(At House or Stay) or Disarmed by Remote Control, Wireless Buttons, Wired Buttons, SMS Commands, Call in with free charge, Android Apps and iOS apps;
3.Supports Android Apps and iPhone iOS apps, quickly to Arm, Disarm, Inquiry Status, Switch ON or OFF Siren, Call in to arm/disarmed , Call in to listen in;
4.Supports 5 User Numbers, each number can be setup as receive SMS or receive call or both of them, also, each number can be setup authorized to call in to listen or call in to arm or disarm the system;
5.Supports listen on-site through internal sensitive microphone and call back;
6.Automatically send SMS Alert Alarm Message and dial to the pre-set numbers when alarm occurrence;
7.Learning code, more safe and easy to add new wireless remote keys and wireless detectors;
8.Supports 16 Wireless Zones, can accept one learning code wireless detector in each zone, and accept unlimited PT2262/2272 fixed code wireless detectors in each zone;
9.Supports 1 wired zones(Dry Contact Type), the input can be Normal Close(NC), Normal Open(NO), special for IP Camera alarm output or other wired sensor connection;
10.Supports verity programmable zone attributes, includes Away(normal), At House or Stay, Entrance Zone, 24 Hours Sound Zone, 24 Hours Silent Zone, Local Zone, SOS Zone, Door Bell Zone;
11.The Zone Name of each zone is programmable by user through SMS Commands;
12.Supports 3 Remote Keys, each Remote Key includes one SOS Panic Button for emergency condition to ask for help;
13.Supports Armed delay to give enough time to leave the home, the delay time is programmable by user;
14.Supports Alarm Delay to give enough time to Disarm it when you come back home, the delay time is programmable by user;
15.Equips one siren output for sounding while alarm occurrence to warning;
16.The external AC power failure & recovery alert function supports 2 optional: Immediately Send SMS to user, after 30 minutes if not recovery then send SMS to user;
17.Standby internal large capacity rechargeable battery which can standby upto 16 hours after AC Power failure, also can provide power to wired siren after AC power failure;
18.Backup battery with low voltage will send SMS to the owner immediately;
19.Supports Password to increase the security of the whole system;
20.Based on the GSM communication network and Operation Menu Display technology, apply to wide range situations.

Standard Package list of the GSM SMS Alarm S160:
Control Unit X1
Regulated 12VDC Power Supply X1
Wireless Door Contact X1
User Manual + Android Apps in CD X1

Optional Accessories:
Combined Light and Siren PIR Motion Sensor Glass Break Sensor
Magnetic Window Sensor Magnetic Steel Scrolling Door Sensor
Infrared Photoelectric Beam Fence Wireless Strobe Siren
Our Other Wireless or wireless Sensors

Specifications of Mainframe of the GSM SMS Alarm S160:
Rated Voltage: 9VDC&1A
Standby current: 20-30mA
Siren Output Voltage: 9VDC
Working temperature: -10℃~+60℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Relative humidity: 10-90%, No condensation
GSM frequency: 900/1800Mhz(Default) or 850/1900MHz(Optional)
Communication protocol: GSM PHASE 2/2+ (include data service)
Wireless Zone: 16 (Accept Max.16Pcs Learning Code Detectors, Unlimited of fixed code Detectors)
Wired Zones: 1, Dry Contact, NC/NO .
Remote key permission quantity: 3Pcs
Effective distance wireless of remote control: 100 m in open air.
Backup Battery: 900mAh Rechargeable lithium battery
Standby time Approx.16 hours (depending on the network condition)
Dimensions: 150mmX92.6mmX30mm (WXDXH);
Net Weight: approx. 0.50Kg

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Categories: Home Appliances, Security Systems
Keywords: gsm sms alarm, gsm home alarm, burglar alarm, intruder alarm, security alarm
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Home GSM Alarm System S110 
Posted on 03/09/2012
GSM Home Alarm Systems; GSM Medical Alarm; GSM SMS Controller Alarms; GSM GPRS data Logger; GSM Telemetry Systems M2M; GSM Gate Opener.

Home GSM Alarm System
Home Alarm System
GSM Alarm System
Alarm System
GSM Alarm

Home GSM Alarm System S110 with multi functions. It integrated GSM Module inside, and almost all useful functions and features of the alarm systems in the worldwide markets. Also it with innovative and experienced functions and features to meet the required and potential demands.
Home GSM Alarm System S110 is a new security protection solution. It is special for home, house and office and other applications. It based on Wireless GSM Communication network; it can alert you by SMS and calling.
Home GSM Alarm System S110 supports two way voice communication and wiretap by intelligent technology. It can answer the incoming call as well as dial out to the others. It is very useful for user to create voice communication or listen in the houses.
Home GSM Alarm System S110 supports Watchdog, once the sensor in this zone triggered in the preset time, will not alarm, if the sensor hasn’t been triggered in the preset time, will alarm. It is useful for monitoring elders, children, and the person on-duty.
Home GSM Alarm System S110 equips with two output relay, one is link-output relay, special for switch on or off appliance while the system alarm, another is independent output relay, it can be switched on or off by SMS commands..
Home GSM Alarm System S110 equips with LCD display entire operation menu, all operations and settings are visual and intuitive!
Home GSM Alarm System S110 supports GSM Jammer interference!
Home GSM Alarm System S110 with user friendly design idea, all operations and settings are visual and intuitive!
What you need is a SIMCard which supports Call ID function.

The advantages of Home GSM Alarm System S110:
1. Two-way Voice communication or wiretap are available;
2. LCD displays the entire setup menu;
3. Armed, Partial Armed(At House or Stay), Disarmed, SOS are available;
4. Armed delay, alarm delay, siren work or not, more other functions are Programmable by user;
5. Watchdog,24Hours Zone, SOS zone are available;
6. Using ICON to display armed, Partial Armed, Disarmed, Power status, Siren status and GSM Signal status;
7. Auto-detect and report, GSM Signal Jammer alarm, SMS Switch is available.
Standard Package list of Home GSM Alarm System S110:
Mainframe 1pcs
Remote control 2pcs
Wireless PIR Motion Sensor 1pcs
Wireless Door magnetic Sensor 1pcs
Wired Siren 1pcs
GSM Antenna 1pcs
AC/DC Adaptor 1pcs
User Manual
Categories: Home Appliances, Security Systems, Home Security
Keywords: gsm alarm systems, home alarm systems, gsm intruder alarm, gsm burglar systems, gsm security alarm systems, alarm systems
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home appliances mould,air conditioner mould,refrigerator mould,washing machine mould,printer mould 
Posted by Great Wall Mould Factory ( www.greatwallmould.com )  [Silver] on 24/06/2011
Great Wall Mould Factory produce and supply the moulds and moulding products at the most competitive prices in the world! The following are available:
Auto mould,auto bumper mould,auto lamp mould,auto grill mould,auto instrument board mould,home appliances mould,air conditioner mould,refrigerator mould,washing machine mould,printer mould,commodity mould,communication mould, medical equipment mould,toy mould,cosmetic mould,electronic products,mobile phone,laptop,TV set,DVD,GPS,MP3/MP4,LED, USB memorizer/connector,mouse,keyboard,cable.
If you need our mould and moulding products, please contact us via our email.
Email: greatwallmould@126.com
Website: http://www.greatwallmould.com
Categories: Home Appliances
Keywords: home appliances mould, air conditioner mould, refrigerator mould, washing machine mould, printer mould, commodity mould
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Refrigerator production line from preassembly line, final assembly line, testing line and packaging  
Posted by KCM Macinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd  [Silver] on 23/07/2009
Refrigerator production line from preassembly line, final assembly line, testing line and packaging line to whole project such as special purpose machine for other parts
The production line including the the following steps according to general fridge producing processing and layout:
1. Fridge cabinet pre-assembling line( with rubber on conveyer to safeguarding the surface quality of fridge cabinet) ;
2. Conveying into the cabinet foaming conveyer system for foaming and the foamed cabinets will be transported out to the deposited line area(generally amounts are between 100-200sets foamed cabinet, another advantage is to classify the fridge specification in line to wait for into assembling line sequently and orderly.
3. Vacuuming circling line with pumps fitting trolleys: the vacuum pump’s amounts will be decided according to production capacity/per year /per single shift.
4. Refrigerant injection machine section.
5. Compressor ‘s sealing and welding after refrigerant injection.
6. Leakage inspection sector.
7. Section for Intelligent comprehensive safety tester(fridge safety inspection)
8. production test system is used to test refrigerating and safety performances of refrigerators.
Processing flow: When refrigerators enter into commercial test room, they are distributed to test lines. When a test line is full, power plugs are plugged in and the probes are put in place to start reading the bar code of each refrigerator. When the bar codes are read, the data of the refrigerators are entered into the computer. Then, power is supplied to 10 as a group, and the test of the refrigerators begins. When the test is completed, the probes are moved away and power plugs are unplugged. Moreover, it can be manually selected to print out refrigerator test curves and general test report and automatically print out nonconforming test curves and general test data.
9. Packaging line section(generally it’s length is about 20m with a slent roller line to ground.
The section of reparing after finding un qualified refrigerators by inspected and checked.
Categories: Home Appliances, Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Projects, Supplies
Keywords: refrigerator roller forming machine, thermo forming machine, refrigerator production line, refrigerator fabricating equipment, refrigerator manufacture,refrigerator assembly line, fridge assembly line, refrigerator outer shell roller forming line
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7 working-stations Revolving Door Foaming Machine 
Posted by KCM Macinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd  [Silver] on 23/07/2009
7 working-stations Revolving Door Foaming Machine
This foaming machine is a type of revolving seven working stations equipment. It is mainly used for door foaming of refrigerator. And this machine is also capable for cyclopentane, but the ventilation and extraction system,the protective house and the fire detection system that are all included in this machine supplying list. Furthermore the machine with those advantages are as follows; small and compact configuration, being easy to manipulate etc. The dimensions of foaming mould and jigs can be designed and manufactured according to customer's special requirements.

1 outline dimensions of machine (LxWxH): about (6100×6000×4600) mm (reference)
2 workstations: 7
3 dimensions of mould plate (LxW): 2000mm x 900mm (can be provided in accordance with customer's special requirements)
4 closing height of fixture: 200mm
5 time of production cycling (not including manual operating time): 65s
6 foaming material: C5 or F11
7 electric power supply: about 65KW (380V,50Hz)
This Iine can be designed and made in accordance with customers speciaI requirements of processes

Categories: Home Appliances, Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Other Industries, Manufacturing
Keywords: refrigerator foaming machine, PU foaming line, cyclopentane, high pressure foaming, refrigerator foaming equipment, foaming line, foaming fixture, foaming mould, polyurethane foaming, refrigerator machine, refrigerator making equipment, fridge produce
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Multi-stations Vacuum Forming Machine For Refrigerator Inner Liner 
Posted by KCM Macinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd  [Silver] on 23/07/2009
Multi-stations Vacuum Forming Machine For Refrigerator Inner Liner
This thermoforming line with material of ABS or PS sheet is special for refrigerator's case and door inner liner production, the machine consists of material loading part, preheating part, heating and vacuuming thermoforming,hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical control system etc., totally four workstations in all(sometimes add unloading and punching and cutting units according to customer's requirements), the machine's advantages are high automation, being easy to operate, high productivity etc.
The main technical performance parameters
1 max. forming area: 1820mm*820mm
2 max. forming depth: 650mm
3 heating power: 210Kw
4 total electric power consumption: about 260Kw
5 compressed air supply: about 20m3/h(0.5/Mpa)
6 cooling water consumption: 400L/minute (5 - 10 degree cooling water)
7 forming mode: male mould forming
8 time of production cycling: 70s/ pc when thickness of sheet 4mm
9 applied sheet: ABS or HIPS
10 thickness of applied sheet: 2 - 4mm.

Refrigerator Back Shell Roller Forming Line

This production line is special for mass-production manufacturing refrigerator back shell, the whole machine is composed by following parts: loading machine,punching machine, 180 degree turnover machine,roller forming machine,end shape bending machine, roller conveyor line, feeding mechanical arm, convex-pressing machine, discharging mechanical arm, diacharging plateform, electrical control system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system etc.

Main technical performance parameters
1. outline dimenssion of line(reference only): 28500*4200*1850(L*W*H)
2. working height of line: 900 mm distance to the ground
3. dimenssions of finished products: 680-1980(L),420-620(W),0.3-0.5(H)
4. applied raw material: zink-coated steel sheet
5. circling time for production: 30s
6. water,electrical power and air supplying: industry tap wate,about 26kVA(380v 50HZ),0.5--0.65Mpa

Categories: Home Appliances, Other Electronics, Manufacturing, Industrial Supply, MRO, Manufacturing
Keywords: refrigerator inner liner, refrigerator thermo forming machine, vacuum forming machine, refrigerator manufacturing equipment, vacuum forming mould, refrigerator vacuum forming, refrigerator production line, refrigerator machinery
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