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FRP tank softening 
Posted on 09/09/2011
Spiral-wound glass fiber reinforced plastic water softener tank, with upper and lower mouth, flange connection, with various control valve of the model and the branded products. Model: 817-96126 (opening up and down and side hole), 2.5-inch, 4 inch, 6, 16 inch, 18 inch flange. Accessories: upper and lower water Distributor, heiertong, valves, pipe, resin, activated carbon, and other related water treatment accessories wholesale. Mainly used for environmental protection in the field of water treatment, industrial boilers, thermal power plants, chemical industry, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics, Atomic Energy and other industrial water softening demand. Deionized water, can also be used for food, drug, decolorization and purification, recycling of precious metals, chemical raw materials, electroplating wastewater treatment.
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Electrochemical grade barium salts 
Posted by BARIUM SALTS BUSINESS CO.  [Silver] on 21/02/2009
Chinese specialized company in customized manufacturing and exporting of electronical grade barium salts (inc. barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium nitrate, barium oxide, barium chromate, barium titanate and barium hydroxide) and strontium salts. According to different applications, we can OEM manufacture the items with different physical and chemical characteristics.
We are recommending our electroceramics kind barium carbonate, barium chloride for producing piezoelectric ceramics like PTC/NTC, middle-high voltage semiconductor, high-dielectric capacitor, pressure-sensitive resistor, PZT ultrasonic transduction device, memory elements, ferroelectric ceramic, thermal-sensitive ceramic, Microwave Dielectric Materials, optical glass, barium based optoelectronics, photoelectric materials, MLCC, TV kinescope shell (CRT glass), magnetic material (Hard/Soft Ferrites) and passive components etc. MORE INFO CAN BE SEEN AT Http://bariumsalt.com
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Spray Dryers 
Posted by Shachi Engineering Pvt.Ltd.  [Silver] on 11/02/2009
Our spray dryers are user friendly and fitted with latest technically advanced tool sets to safeguard it against wear and tear of atomizing system.
Shachi Specialise in

* Design development and engineering of plants to manufacture product in powder or granular form.
* Spray cooling process.
* Capacity range from Small lab models to Large industrial plant.
* Plant equipped with maintenance tools and tackles.
* Process control by semi automatic to PLC SCADA based to fully automatic system.
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Natural fatty alcohol ( aliphatic alcohol ) 
Posted on 12/01/2009
We are a manufacturer of chemical product in china. We produce natural fatty alcohol ( aliphatic alcohol ) . We can offer you thirteen kinds of fatty alcohol : C8-10, C8-14, C8-18, C12-14, C12-18, C14-16, C16-18, C18-16, C8, C10, C12, C14, C16, C18 . After fatting, hydrogenating and fractional distillating, the fatty alcohol can be used in the industry of make-up products , plastics, leather, textile process and synthetic detergent . Please kindly touch us if you are interested in our product. We promise with you that we will offer you the best quality , service and competitive prices .

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