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15-7 MO SUS632 S15700 precipitation hardening stainless steel rod 
Posted by Sunrise Industry Engineering Ltd.  [Silver] on 24/04/2012
15-7 MO SUS632 S15700 is a precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel with Al and Mo additions. This material combines high strength and hardness, good corrosion resistance and minimum distrotion upon heat treatment. The materials are used for springs, diaphragms, aircraft bulkheads and other aircraft parts requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.
Standard: ASTM A564, A705, A693.
We offer the materials in form of stainless steel round rod, stainless steel square bar, stainless steel hexagon bar, stainless steel wire rod, stainless steel forging, stainless steel flat strip, stainless steel forged cylinder, stainless steel forged ring, stainless steel forged tube sheet.
As per the customer’s request, 15-7MO will be furnished in the Condition A, Condition RH950, TH1050. The mechanical properties are altered by different age hardening treatments.
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Medical disposables 
Posted by MTLC Latex  [Silver] on 22/05/2009
Medical disposables. Sale condoms. Medical disposables. Any condoms sizes. Colored condoms. Medical disposables. Flavored condoms. Male preservatives. Male condoms. Medical disposables.

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High quality, precision injection moulding  
Posted by Rosti A/S  [Silver] on 13/05/2009
Rosti has a strong track record for delivering high quality, precision injection moulding to many industry sectors. The knowledge and experience of our staff gives us a unique ability to provide design solutions, excellent customer service and a consistent finished product.
Continual investment in plant and machinery keeps us at the forefront of the industry and helps us to develop and maintain long-term business relationships with our customers.

Our European technical plastics operation has its hub at the site in Tilburg, The Netherlands. From here we offer turn key projects, from concept to design, research & development, prototyping, engineering, tooling from Europe as well as from Asia, moulding, assembly, testing and logistics. In short Rosti in The Netherlands takes care of the entire supply chain ‘from concept to reality’.

As a global partner we offer nursery projects, for example with start up and ramp up at our Dutch site. Once the process is validated, production is smooth and quality assured the project can be transferred to our low cost production facilities in Poland, Mexico or China.

Our dedicated precision facilities hold various certifications, an ISO 9001:2000 being the minimum.
In the medical sector Tilburg is the first Rosti company to hold the Quality Management System Standards ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices.

The sites in Mexico, China, Scotland and in the US hold the ISO/TS 16949:2002 Automotive Norm certification.
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Room moulding and assembly, intelligent plastic and multi-process manufacturing. 
Posted by Rosti A/S  [Silver] on 13/05/2009
With a superior combination of devices and systems we are able to create new and competitive advantages for our clients within the medical markets.

Our advanced, cost-effective manufacturing processes utilise the latest state of the art technologies, such as class 100,000 clean room moulding and assembly, intelligent plastic and multi-process manufacturing. High priority is placed on research and development, enabling us to stay ahead of our competitors and provide our clients with precision technologies that meet the demands of their industries.

From concept to production, Rosti offers complete project management. Within the medical market we have experience not just in precision technical plastics manufacturing, but also as a complete business integrator.
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headband LED headlight 
Posted on 23/03/2009

technical specification
USING The rechargeable lithium battery, congevity of service and the more comfortable lightweight headlights, it is suitable for all kinds of surgical operation.
Technical Specification
Items No: KD-202A-2
Light Source: 3 w LED-high efficiency energy
Light Highest Illumination intensity: >12,000 LUX
Continually Operating Time: up to 7 hours
Illumination Spot Size: can be adjustable (ex:for 10mm to 110mm for 420MM working distance)
Illumination angle : can be adjustable .
The lifetime of bulb: 20,000hours
Colour temperature: 6000K
Charge coltage: AC110V/220V DC 3.4V
The weight of headlamp: 80g
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LED headlight 
Posted on 23/03/2009
The Brightest illumination intensity(32000LUX), The Lightest weight: 11g The Longest operating time:7hours,
The smallest size: Dia. 1.9x2.1cm,
Specification ---
Light Source: 1 w LED-high efficiency & saving energy,
Light Highest Illumination intensity: Full variable intensity control,
There are 2 kinds of adjusting level for your option.
Up to 15, 000-20, 000Lux@ feet (the first level output)-enough,
Up to 25, 000-32, 000Lux@ feet (the second level output)-remarketable,
Continually Operating Time:
Up to 7 hours (highest in the first level output)-longest,
Up to 4 hours (highest in the second level output)-enough,
Light Head Surface Temperature:
45 degree centigrade (highest in the first level output)-cool,
80 degree centigrade (highest in the second level output)-be careful,
Color Temperature: 6000 K(pure white),
Illumination Spot Size: 7 cm @ 40mm(appropriate),
Light Head Weight: 11g (including mount, not including wire, lightweight),
Light Head Diameter: 1.9cm, Light Head Length: 2.1cm(very small size),
Battery: 2x1400mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Cells(only OEM for Japanese brand),
Battery Lifetime: Approximately 500 charge/discharge cycles(high performance),
Battery Case Weight: 113g(lightweight),
Battery Case Dimensions: 7.5cm x 5.2cm x 2.1cm(small size),
Battery charger: 1000mAh, 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz (adapter for all of the world power supply),
Battery Charge Time: 90 minutes for 90% charge(very quick),
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Latex condoms 
Posted by MTLC Latex  [Silver] on 28/01/2009
Latex condoms. Condoms! Contraceptive. Condoms can be lubricated or not. Condoms come in colors and flavors. Latex condoms. Condoms can be transparent or opaque, tinted, nipple-ended, rippled, studded, contoured, ribbed, tipped, crowned and some glow in the dark. Latex condoms.
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Flavored condoms 
Posted by MTLC Latex  [Silver] on 01/12/2008
Flavored condoms. A tempting assortment of flavors and colors for extra fun and excitement. Varieties of flavors are available, strawberry, peppermint, banana, and mango just to mention a few. Flavored condoms. Lubricated for a natural feeling. Condoms.
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wheelchair controller 
Posted by ODET China Co., Ltd  [Silver] on 24/11/2008
ODET Power Wheelchair Controller is our patent product. You can control the movement of the two motors as well as the direction and speed via the joystick. It allows the wheelchair to spin 360 degree at the same spot. It has an electromagnetic brake and joystick controlled start and stop. This controller can be adopted to electric wheelchairs, electric scooters, pedrail scooters and so on. We provide 3 sales solutions: power drive set, individual alteration, complete wheelchair.

* Voltage rating: DC24
* Power rating : 300 W
* Electric current: 30 A
* Protected Voltage( low pressure) : 20.5+0.5V, 31V
* Operating temperature: -20 `65
* Longevity: 1,000,000 times
* Compression resistance of medium: 500V.A.C./minute

Standard benefits
* Ergonomic and stylish design
* Program adaptable
* Two interchangeable batteries, can also act well with one battery.
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Power Wheelchair Drive Kit 
Posted by ODET China Co., Ltd  [Silver] on 24/11/2008
ODET Power Wheelchair Drive Kit pioneers new concept of turning manual wheelchair into power wheelchair. Ordinary manual wheelchair can be converted to power wheelchair economically when installed with ODET drive kit.

Drive Kit Components: ODET Motor Driver, Lithium Battery, Controller

* The motor driver is self pioneered,
our patent product, innovative.
* Enjoy supplementary electric power with easy operation.
* Original parts almost remain unchanged.
* Be effective to keep the physical functions well.
* Fits most standard manual wheelchairs with
10”-26” rear wheels.

It offers manual wheelchair manufactures and distributors the opportunity to meet a new massive demand. You can add the drive kits on distinctive wheelchairs to meet various needs.
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