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Scintillators LYSO Array 
Posted by Shanghai Project Electronic Tech. Co.,Ltd.  [Silver] on 30/04/2012
Scintillators LYSO Array
Sizes: 2x2 array, 4x8 array, 8x8 array

Gamma-ray and X-ray detectors such as PET, well logging and high energy physics.
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Scintillators BGO Crystal 
Posted by Shanghai Project Electronic Tech. Co.,Ltd.  [Silver] on 30/04/2012
Bismuth germinate Bi4Ge3O12 commonly abbreviated as BGO, is the crystalline form of an inorganic oxide with cubic eulytine structure, colorless, transparent and insoluble in water. When exposed to radiation of high energy particles or other sources, such as gamma-rays, x-rays, it emits a green fluorescent light with a peak wavelength of 480nm, with its high stopping power, high scintillation efficiency, good energy resolution and non-hygroscopes, BGO is a good scintillation material and has found a wide range of applications in high energy physics, nuclear physics, space physics, nuclear medicine, geological prospecting and other industries.


Diameter 2 ” or 3 ”
Length 1 ” or 6 ”
Orientation , ,
Physical Properties Of BGO

Density (g/m3) 7.13
Melting point ( ° C) 1050
Parameter of crystal cell (A) 10,518
Refractive index 2.15
Radiation length (cm) 1.1
Peak of fluorescence spectra (nm) 480
Decay time (ns) 300
Relative light output (%) 10-14Nal (T1)
Energy resolution (511 kev,%) 20
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LYSO Crystal 
Posted by Shanghai Project Electronic Tech. Co.,Ltd.  [Silver] on 30/04/2012
LYSO crystal is an ideal generation sintillator crystal. LYSO stand for Cerium doped Lutetium Yttrium Orthosilicate. LYSO crystal has the advantages of high light output, high density, fast decay time, good energy resolution and low cost. These properties mean that LYSO is an ideal candidate for a range of ray detection applications in nuclear physics and nuclear medicine, which require higher though improved timing resolution and superior energy revolution.

Physical Properties Of LYSO

Density (g/cm3) 7.4
Effective Atomic Number 66
Radiation Length (cm) 1.10
Decay Constant (ns) 40-44
Peak Emission (nm) 428
Light Yield (Relative BGO=100%) 190
Index of Refraction 1.82
Peak excitation (nm) 375
Radiation Hardness (rad) >106
Melting Point (degree C) 2050
Hardness (Mohs) 5.8
Cleavage None
Hygroscopicity No
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plastic mold and mould 
Posted on 21/12/2009
HXL Mould is a professional plastic mold maker and injection molding manufacturer. We mainly make plastic injection molds for auto parts, industrial parts, household appliances, consumer electronics, office supplies and medical equipment.
mould base:LKM
mold material: Good quality steel such as P20, 718H, NAK80, 1.2311, H13
lead time:4-6 weeks
mold building capability:20-30 sets/month
If you have any mold or plastic products that may need our help please just contact us freely.
Categories: DVD Players & Recorders, Vacuum Cleaners & Housekeeping, Tools, Medical Equipment
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Rapid test cutter ZQ4000 
Posted by Shanghai Kinbio Tech Co.,Ltd  [Silver] on 11/08/2009
Rapid test cutter ZQ4000 is a robust fully automatic and high speed guillotine cutter designing for those customers who need high production output.It is ideal for Lateral Flow, Immunoblot stricks cut. With special sensor, the first cut position of strips could be function exactly. Cut speed,widths and quantities could be randomly programmed throught four lined LED keyboard.Strip widths could be easily calibrated via program.

Cut speed: Max 400 times/min
Strip widths: 1.00—99.99mm
Strip lengths: 15—95mm
Cut precision: 0.05mm Remained width:13mm
Module size: 42 x 38 x 25 cm
Module weight:30 kg
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Keywords: rapid test cutter, rapid diagnostic cutter, lateral flow, rapid test, one step test, rapid diagnostic, immunoassay, lataeral flow cutter, rapid test kits, one-step-test, diagnostic guillotine cutter, diaganostic strip cutter, Lateral flow test
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Rapid test guillotine cutter ZQ2000 
Posted by Shanghai Kinbio Tech Co.,Ltd  [Silver] on 11/08/2009
Kinbio offers several modules guillotine cutters for rapid diagnositc test strip. Rapid test cutter ZQ2000 is an economic guillotine cutter which is designed for researchers and new player of strip production. It is ideal for dry chemistry strip cutting with 0.05 mm cut precision, cut widths and quantities could be randomly set via two lines LED keyboard, cut speed could be changed by the designed knob.


Cut speed: Maximum 200 times/min
Strip widths: 1.00—99.99mm
Striplengths: 15—128mm
Strip precision: +0.05mm
Remained widths: 13mm
Module siz: 42 x 38 x 25cm
Module weight: 28 kg
Categories: Supplies, Health Care, Healthcare, Medical Equipment, Medical Implements
Keywords: rapid test cutter, rapid diagnostic cutter, lateral flow, rapid test, one step test, rapid diagnostic, immunoassay, lataeral flow cutter, rapid test kits
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One Step Influenza A Antigen Rapid Test Kit 
Posted by Quicking Biotech Co., Ltd.  [Silver] on 23/07/2009
Influenza A rapid test kit is a rapid diagnostic kit for general influenza A type virus antigen detection. With the test, an accurate result can be given out in 5 minutes. Only very little sample is required.

Sample: secretions
Sensitivity: >98%
Specificity: sensitive to all subtype of Flu A antigen.
Storage: Room temperature, 2-30 C degree
Shelf life: 18 months
Packing: 10 tests/kit

FOB Shanghai price:
Payment: T/T
MOQ: 2000 tests
Delivery date: 7 days after payment
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headband LED headlight 
Posted on 23/03/2009

technical specification
USING The rechargeable lithium battery, congevity of service and the more comfortable lightweight headlights, it is suitable for all kinds of surgical operation.
Technical Specification
Items No: KD-202A-2
Light Source: 3 w LED-high efficiency energy
Light Highest Illumination intensity: >12,000 LUX
Continually Operating Time: up to 7 hours
Illumination Spot Size: can be adjustable (ex:for 10mm to 110mm for 420MM working distance)
Illumination angle : can be adjustable .
The lifetime of bulb: 20,000hours
Colour temperature: 6000K
Charge coltage: AC110V/220V DC 3.4V
The weight of headlamp: 80g
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LED headlight 
Posted on 23/03/2009
The Brightest illumination intensity(32000LUX), The Lightest weight: 11g The Longest operating time:7hours,
The smallest size: Dia. 1.9x2.1cm,
Specification ---
Light Source: 1 w LED-high efficiency & saving energy,
Light Highest Illumination intensity: Full variable intensity control,
There are 2 kinds of adjusting level for your option.
Up to 15, 000-20, 000Lux@ feet (the first level output)-enough,
Up to 25, 000-32, 000Lux@ feet (the second level output)-remarketable,
Continually Operating Time:
Up to 7 hours (highest in the first level output)-longest,
Up to 4 hours (highest in the second level output)-enough,
Light Head Surface Temperature:
45 degree centigrade (highest in the first level output)-cool,
80 degree centigrade (highest in the second level output)-be careful,
Color Temperature: 6000 K(pure white),
Illumination Spot Size: 7 cm @ 40mm(appropriate),
Light Head Weight: 11g (including mount, not including wire, lightweight),
Light Head Diameter: 1.9cm, Light Head Length: 2.1cm(very small size),
Battery: 2x1400mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer Cells(only OEM for Japanese brand),
Battery Lifetime: Approximately 500 charge/discharge cycles(high performance),
Battery Case Weight: 113g(lightweight),
Battery Case Dimensions: 7.5cm x 5.2cm x 2.1cm(small size),
Battery charger: 1000mAh, 100-240V AC/50-60 Hz (adapter for all of the world power supply),
Battery Charge Time: 90 minutes for 90% charge(very quick),
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dental surgical loupes 2.5x 3.0x 3.5x 4.0x 5.0 6.0x 
Posted on 23/03/2009
professional dental and surgical loupes manufacturer in China. we peoduce and supply high quality dental and surgical loupes 2.5x 3.0x 3.5x 4.0x 5.0x 6.0x with diffeerent working distance 340mm 420mm 500mm 550mm. .Flip Up, TTL, Clip On. and there there are different material frames for the loupes: Nialloy frmes, Titanium frames, Sports frames.
Categories: Manufacturing, Medical Supplies, Oral Care, Medical Equipment
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