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LD-22 LIDE Infrared Magnetic Pulse Therapeutic Equipment  
Posted by Sino-German LIDE Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (Tianjin)  [Silver] on 28/11/2009
LD-22 LIDE Therapeutic Apparatus is the fourth invention. One energy radiation point at each corner of the apparatus shell, with another energy point in the center. Permanent magnet, magnet pulse assembly and far infrared combine a multiple energy field, and carry out multiple effects. The specially designed remote handle provides convenience for treatment. The focus technique of this apparatus has awarded national patent of invention.
It can alleviate hypertension, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, back and leg aches, and digestive system ailments. It is therapeutic effective against diabetes, high blood fat levels, sequela of cerebral thrombosis, chronic pelvic cavity inflammation, neurasthenia, prostate disease, coronary heart disease, and joint diseases. When using this equipment, do not discontinue prescribed medication without consultation with doctor. Furthermore, it could be also used in daily health care for old people to improve the state of health.
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chinalatexcondom.com China/chinese latex condom  
Posted on 12/03/2009
As a professional condom manufacture in China, we rest assured about our quality and price, believe that you will benefit from our cooperation, so welcome your inquiry.
types: latex condom, ribbed condom, dotted condom, man condom delay condom, lubricated condom .
Material: Natural latex;
Standard: GB7544-1999 / ISO4074
Certificate: ISO
Overall Length: Maximum 180mm
Width when Flat Laid: 49 + / -2mm, 52 + / -2mm, 55+ / -2mm
Inspection: 100% Electronically tested
Style: Dotted, plain, ribbed, pictured condom, more Lubricant, Fruity,
rubber-thorn, big-grain, supper strength, ten in one enchantment
Color: Natural color or at the buyers requirements.
Flavor: Banana / apple / strawberry/ chocolate etc;
Lubricant: Silicon oil;
Packing: Rectangle Foil; Square Foil
Unit packing: In bulk, or 3 pcs / wallet, or 10pcs / wallet or 12pcs / wallet.
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